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Why is a building expansion necessary?
The welcoming warmth of Holy Apostles and the allure of Orthodoxy have contributed to tremendous growth for our parish. While this growth is a true blessing, we find ourselves overflowing from the sanctuary during worship and unable to accommodate all our parishioners and guests for fellowship in the hall.  We have outgrown our current space. It’s time to expand the building so that we will once again have room for our current members with room to grow.

How is the Holy Apostles church expansion being funded?
We will fund the work through donations from members and supporters of Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church.

How much money needs to be raised? When will construction begin?
We estimate it will cost $4.5M to expand and modernize our building. We believe that we can raise these funds in two years and begin construction in the Spring of 2024.

How long will construction take?
Construction will take approximately 12 months, from ground-breaking to ribbon cutting. We will phase the construction to minimize disruption to worship within the church.  Our worship should not experience significant interruptions since expansion will be outward from our current building. Portable buildings will be brought on-site to support our Sunday School, preschool and Adult Education programs. 

What happens if we do not have enough funds to cover construction costs?
Holy Apostles is undertaking this expansion project in a careful and prayerful way to ensure we do not financially overextend the parish. Should we be unable to raise the required funds completely via donations from the community, we may undertake the construction in phases.

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