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Our building's structural integrity is at risk.



“And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

- Acts 20:35

Dear Family and Friends of Holy Apostles,

I am excited to announce that we are launching Holy Apostles' Capital Campaign. We invite you to participate in this effort to expand our facilities as we grow Christ's Church. The Capital Campaign will take faith, commitment, and sacrificial giving on everyone's part. We are grateful for your involvement. 

As a shepherd seeks the lost sheep, as the woman gets down on her knees to look for a lost coin, as the father waits for the lost son to come home again, so God is ever seeking, calling, inviting you and me to give of ourselves and join Him in His healing ministry.  Expanding our facilities will allow us to stretch out our arms and invite more people to discover God’s healing message that we are all His beloved children.  

Our new space will ensure the ability to invite more worshipers in praising and thanking God. Our new space will allow us to expand our healing ministries as we focus on creating a safe place for people to encounter God in a way that transforms life.  Our new space will allow us to enjoy the fellowship and educational opportunities that have already inspired thousands of people over the years.

I look forward to this challenge and I know God will bless us! I ask that you prayerfully consider a pledge in support of Holy Apostles and its work for the glory of God and His Holy church for years to come.

In Christ’s service,



We have grown from just eight families in 1999 to over 130 in 2024. Over the years, our parish has welcomed people seeking an environment where they can grow in their love of God, and each other, in an Orthodox Christian community. Our continued growth requires expanding our building and facilities to provide adequate space for worship, spiritual development, education, philanthropic outreach, and fellowship. Some current limitations include:

  • Our space is too small to accommodate our parishioners during Divine Liturgy.

  • Our classrooms are too small for our growing educational and outreach needs.

  • Our fellowship hall and kitchen no longer support the size of our expanding parish.

  • Our church offices need to be modernized to accommodate our parish and outreach work.

  • Our current church building’s structural integrity is at risk: sanctuary beams have dry rot; the roof leaks in the hall; woodpeckers have compromised the exterior siding; and the kitchen’s electrical load capacity is inadequate.

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